When you bump into a story that warms your heart, brings a smile to your face, and helps you see the beauty in human life, you just have to share it. That is where I stand with this story.

It is about Loraine Maurer of Evansville, Indiana. She is 94 and celebrating her 44th year working for McDonald’s. Even now she works the breakfast shift on Friday and Saturday mornings, waking up at 3am to get to work on time. After all, McDonald’s are America’s true community centers.

“I have no interest in retiring,” she says.

What a wonderful life. What a beautiful person. And what a glorious company that has partnered with her to give her a happy, productive, dignified, and enormously valuable career.

She has probably brought joy to hundreds of thousands in your life. May this video expand her inspiration to reach billions.

This article originally appeared on FEE.org.