It’s no secret that human liberty is in grave danger, perhaps more than any time in generations. Look at whom the two parties are offering up to rule us! It’s a coin toss which will be worse for economic and social liberty, to say nothing of war and peace.  This can’t end well.

You can despair and hide. Or you can do something about it.

Two years ago, blasted into popular culture as a creative venue for living a freer life. We’ve built a beautiful platform for meeting, publishing, sharing, reading, studying, and inspiring each other. It’s revolutionary but peaceful, determined but fun, radical but practical.

There’s a reason that has developed a stellar reputation. You know that it’s the best of the best.

What’s the next phase? You probably know of the dramatic change we made last month. We became free! In that time, and with only low-level promotion, we’ve welcome many thousands of new members.

Now we can tell you about something even more wonderful. is teaming up with a fabulous organization that is rocking the Internet right now. The name is Free the People. FtP is headed by Matt Kibbe. You probably know the name. He is the best-selling author you see on television often, defending the cause of human liberty against all attackers. He is calm, charming, and wickedly smart. And totally principled.

After making FreedomWorks the nation’s largest voice for limited government political activism, he left to start his own platform. He launched Free the People as an organization with an even broader libertarian mission, and an ethos open to the liberty-curious on the left, right, and center. In a few short months, Matt’s videos have gone viral on multiple occasions. He has put humor, passion, and intelligence into the great cause. is so very proud to announce that Free the People is the new sponsor of our great community.

You know me as the founder of Matt and I have a long and interesting history together. We met in graduate school and became fast friends. We were two young radicals — same mentors and influences — trying to figure out the best way to change the world. Matt went the D.C. activism way, while I went the educational route. They were both successful but both knew there was much more, bigger work to do.

After all these years, we’ve now come together — bringing decades of experience in writing and speaking and building organizations — to build out something more spectacular than ever. I have to say: I’m wildly fired up about this. Somehow, in retrospect, it’s like this had to happen.

The challenge we face today is the best opportunity of our lives: there are too many ears and eyeballs, liberated by technology, looking for answers outside the Two Party Duopoly. The new, in partnership with Free the People, is rooted in the following conviction: the way to change the world is to change our own lives first.

We must live with a determination to be free. We must not acquiesce to slavery. We must build the liberty we love, and do it with boldness, courage, and creativity. It is not enough just to be an activist. We must be intelligent, erudite, and deeply practical. Above all else, we must resist — and do so in every level of our lives.

This personal commitment to living free and responsible lives, translating our values into meaning in our daily lives, serves as a gateway drug for a new generation of political refugees looking for answers, and a framework, to make sense of things.

Free The People has a vast network and expertise in outreach. has the books, the forums, the community, and the publishing platform. Putting the two together creates a powerhouse of inspired resistance.

You know what’s been most exciting? Since we went free, has received a flurry of requests to donate money to keep the platform going and grow it. People love it that much! You love it that much!

Of course we need such donations. We hope to keep this platform free from ads that distract from our community. And we do need support.

Fortunately, Free The People is a non-profit organization, ready to accept donations.

Keep in mind that your donation is not going toward supporting a big bureaucracy that makes promises it can’t fulfill. Our staff is tiny. Our technology is cutting edge. We have unprecedented reach. in partnership with Free The People can rock it hard, and use every dime of your support to provide a huge cultural counterweight to the coming statist onslaught.

Freedom can never be taken for granted. It must be lived and fought for every day. Right now, we face an unprecedented opportunity. The corruption at the top is more obvious than ever. The answer to the crisis we are in is ever more obvious.

But we must act. All of us!

And we must do this together, using the best technology we have.

So, friends, welcome to the new!

And if you like what we are doing, please support us.

As a final note, we have a matching grant that has been generously offered by a donor. For every dollar you commit to this cause, a donor will match that gift.

The offer from the donor only lasts for a small window of time, so we need your help now.

With your help, we can do this!