In real life, a holiday means to have time off work and have fun. In the world of banking, a holiday means to rob the customer as a way of keeping a bankrupt system afloat.

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen that happen in any major world economy, but that is exactly what the Greek government is pursuing, starting now, to stop a massive bank run.

Drained and fed up, other governments in the European Union refused to extend yet another loan to Greece. This panicked depositors, who have lined up at ATMs all over the country. Sure enough, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that he was closing all banks as a way to stemming the tide.

One thing about this approach: it never works! Bank closings add to the atmosphere and panic. They are often followed by an announcement that the government is going to devalue or outright steal people’s money. Whatever trust remains in the system is drained away along with the value of the currency.

Interestingly, gold has responded to the news not at all. In fact, gold is at a 60-day low on global markets.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is on the move.

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This past week, I was out of touch of the news entirely because I was at the mountain liberty retreat called Porcfest. Here you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin, so I was checking the price often. I noticed the upward price pressure, and I had an intuition that something serious was happening in the world.

Sure enough, this morning I was awakened by a call from Russia Today. They wanted me on a two-hour segment today to talk about and monitor the meltdown in Greece. I turned them down because I haven’t followed it closely enough (that doesn’t usually stop most commentators!). But when I looked into it, I felt a sense of confirmation. Sure enough, Bitcoin was on the move for a reason.

It’s about time that people realize. Cryptocurrency is here to stay. It is the world’s new safe haven, having displaced the role that gold once played. The reasons are rather obvious. Bitcoin is more liquid than gold. It takes up no space. It weighs nothing. It is more secure. Once you are an owner, nothing can take away what you own. And you don’t have to rely on a third party such as a gold warehouse or a bank to take care of your money.

Given all of this, there is supreme irony in the announcement made by the Greek central bank last year that consumers should be wary of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is vastly more safe and reliable than any national currency in the entire world. That goes for the dollar too.

There is no government anywhere that would decline to shut the banks if the ruling class fears financial meltdown. That’s what’s happening in Greece. That could happen in any European country. And it could happen in the U.S. too. In the end, the government regards itself as the owner of all a nation’s currency and the wealth it carries.

It’s wise to have another option, and people have long known that. The question is: what is that option? Bitcoin is here to save the day. Not for the first time. Not for the last time. Satoshi’s invention could save Greece and the world.